While walk through metal detectors are an absolute essential for any business or facility that is open to the public, they are also great otherwise for keeping check on people entering and leaving. They can keep a check on the number of people and can be adapted in a wide variety of places from power plants to hospitals, from visiting checkpoints to religious places, and much more. Not only do they provide great security, they are also extremely safe to use and designed such that they do not harm the human body in any way. There can be many potential risks that the magnetic field of such a detector may cause which is why it is essential that you purchase these products from a safe brand.
These risks include but are not limited to patients that may have pacemakers installed, pregnant women, magnetic tapes or floppy disks. However, quality detectors are completely safe to use and a safe walk through magnetometer will not threaten your safety in any manner as such. More importantly, these detectors should be operational full time such that there is no window of time left unguarded. Even if you are unavailable at such a time, the alarm will alert you accordingly and secure your facility.

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