When you want to raise money online, you require having diverse levels of efforts, patience, and skills. It is important to note that some tactics will bring more people to your site while others will just result to a loss. And if you want to push more people to click on the ``Donate Now” icon, do the following:
Create your own website.
Doing the above is a great place to start to raise moneyas it allows you to reach out to many people that will contribute to your fundraising campaign. I will recommend you to have an online fundraising program that will drive more people into your site. When creating a website make sure it looks presentable and appealing as it will lure many philanthropists and other people to donate. A shoddy website can develop a feeling among people that you are looking to scam them.
Promote your site offline.
Doing offsite promotion of your site or any other avenue you want to use it to raise money will be a great place to get started. If you are an organization and already promoting your site offline, you can incorporate your fundraising organization in it. One of the ways can be through keeping your links and of the promotion online in the document you use to promote your organization.

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