When you start playing the game, you may need to follow the rules and regulations of the game. So kids should first understand the rules and then they need to keep following that without forgetting the rules. This will indirectly enhance the memory power of the kid and he can comfortably play the game with his memory. In many schools, playing games have become mandatory.
Improves attention and concentration
It is very obvious that we need to focus on the game to win. Without concentration, we cannot play the game properly. Many games will have enemies attacking us. in this case, enemies can come in any direction and we need to pay more attention and should have full concentration on the game. Only then we will be able to defeat the enemies easily.
Improves brain speed
While playing the game, we need to be more spontaneous. We need to take spot decisions on all our moves. Since there will be a time limit for each level, you need to complete the level within the given time. so you need to think fast and take the necessary move. This will increase the brain speed.

Why do games are important for kids?