Since there are many restaurants already available you need to be unique and attractive. Only then you can get more customers to your restaurant. Your ambiance should have a theme and all the accessories you use should match your theme. It can be the tables you arrange or even the menu covers. Everything should go well with the theme. Only then people will be attracted to your restaurant. Always have some interesting offers that pull the customers in.
Let your cost be reasonable
Many restaurants fail in this particular part. We all do business to gain profit and it is an accepted fact. But initially, in order to gain customers, we need to be a little low in price. People always compare our prices with others. Even though you may provide quality food, still they want it for a lower price. To convince them you need to have a reasonable price.
Train your staff
Good hospitality is the basic one every customer wants to have. This hospitality mainly depends on your staff and the way they greet and serve the customers. Most of the businesses break down because of poor hospitality. So you need to train your staff first.

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