Many millennial want these types of cakes to feature in their Italy weddings and most wedding planners prepare them with many modern tweaks to provide it with a millennial look. These cakes are not just meant to be delicious, but much of their making is in how they will look and the elements they will have. Another trend with these cakes is the use of multiple flavors such as camel, biscuit, chocolate, carrot, and more.
Allergy free wedding cake.
These are cakes made for Italy weddingsguest with dietary condition. In most cases they will be gluten free, , dairy free, or nut free. It many weddings , these cakes are made alongside modern or traditional cakes. Therefore those with dietary conditions will just consume them.
What are the different types of icing on cakes?
The icing on the cake is a popular English saying, but it even gets better when the icing is actually done on the cake. That is what makes the cake presentable and lip-smacking to many visitors. The following are the different types of icing on cakes
Royal Icing.
The type of icing is made using a thick paste from eggs as well as sifted icing sugar. When piped into the cake, it becomes so soft on the cake but hard when it dries. Royal icing is perfect when it comes to creating of lattice work on cakes, flowers, as well as other art works.
Other types of icing on Italy weddingscakes include butter cream icing, fondant icing, whipped cream icing, marzipan icing, and more.

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