Advanced tanning techniques are generally involved for creating superior quality COWHIDE RUGS. The tanning techniques have evolved during the past many years and now the companies are using such sophisticated techniques which help them to make really good quality rugs. Tanning techniques such as chrome tanning is used which helps to prevent hair loss and curling from the edges. These techniques also help to get rid of extra patches and scars. Natural hides do have some scars which may not be taken as a defect.
Another significant difference between a Real Cowhide Rugand the synthetic one is that the natural one is always going to be different from one another in appearance while synthetic rugs are made on a standard design and each rug is exactly the same and gives the same look. Mostly people prefer to have a unique item that could augment the value of their interior so they prefer hide rugs.
To ensure the long lifespan of your Cowhide Rug, you must properly care for it and employ proper cleaning techniques as advised by the seller. Never try to soak your rug in water, instead use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dust or debris. In case of any spills, use damp cloth and gently clean it. Once a week, give it a gentle shake. If you brush it on a regular basis, it would help your rug to look fresh and smooth.

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