Some of the most important points which you need to follow as a beginner in trade binary options and ensure that you make money from the stock market or forex include:
• Understand that binary option trading is all about publicly traded commodities and stocks:Most of the forex currencies, indices, commodities such as gold, oil, or silver, company stocks including Google and Facebook can be traded on the binary options and that is why it will be best to embark on the trade by starting with the binary option demo account.

• All binary options have a strike price and expiry time: As a trader, you will choose an instrument such as USD or EURO or a Google stock and pick either a down or upmarket direction for the same and when you think it is going to expire, like in 5 minutes, 5 hours or just one hour. When the price of whatever you have chosen at the expiry time is in a certain direction at the entry time, you will be paid a return which is fixed.

• There is no way you will lose money than the initial money you invested: With the binary options demo account you will realize that binary options are very unique in such a way that, you will not lose more than what you have traded in. There are no losses or margins which can exceed your investment at the beginning the way it is when it comes to margin trading. Mostly, you are likely going to lose everything and only win 75% of the value your trade-in.

How to trade in binary options?