You do not have to worry about the repayment amount as with the help of direct debit the loan is automatically repaid when you deposit your next paycheck. The process is nothing but basically of the direct debit which can be said in other words as the ACH transfer. All these factors make the short duration Merchants cash advance,the most manageable option in the whole market.
Cost and Expenditure
These cash advance for business, are one of the most cost-efficient options in the market. If you think that these short term loans are more costly then you have really missed out some new deals present in the market. You are being charged in the range of 15-20 % of your borrowed amount. This may sound a bit expensive at first as compare to long term loans but these loans are instantly approved and can serve your financial need in no time.
Credit History Improvement
This is one of the most important advantages of using the short term loan. You can pay your entire credit bill which is outstanding so to maintain a good credit history. As your credit improves you have a number of financing options which means more flexibility in choosing the loan you want to have.

What are unsecured loans?