This is the first question to answer, why people prefer airpods over other products. There could be multiple reasons. People find it easy to pair airpods with their iPhone and MacBook. There are following other reasons:
• They have strong Bluetooth range which can be accessible from quite a distance.
• Apple airpods have their battery level indicated on MacBook or iPhone, while other airpods do not have this feature or is not efficient enough.
• They fit perfectly on the ear and sometimes you do not realize airpods are on your ear.
• The battery timing of apple airpods is great, they are charged and can be used for 5 hours. While their case as well have charge that can work along for 24 hours as well.
• The sound quality of airpods is better than any other headphone type.
Everyone in the United States is to be seen with white sticks in their ear. Airpods have taken over people’s ears due to their best qualities and standard.
Custom made airpods
Apple does not make customs airpods. Rather, it is other agencies and firms or the artistic individual minds that make the Apple case beautiful by designing it. Customized airpods are made and they attract people. Here are the valuable suggestions for design of custom airpods:
• They make the airpod case brand new ever throughout their life.
• Custom airpods does not interfere with the wireless charging of your airpod case.

Why people love apple airpods?