Starting and ending a day with your child is a great thing that you need to experience it personally. Your children will feel more secure when they see you on their side. When you ready story by lying next to them you can gain a unique bonding with your child. So while reading the stories you can exchange your discussions about the characters involved in the story. Here your kid will learn more on how to pronounce many unique words. So you are indirectly teaching them to read and recite.
Reading preparedness
When you read the storybook you are assisting your kid in reading preparedness. When your kid is in the toddler stage his brain has the capacity to grasp as many like things. So at this stage, you need to read more books so that he can keep all the information in his mind. They can also strengthen their vocabulary. So you are doing great work so better do not stop this. Keep continuing until your kid becomes an adult.
Morals and values
There are many books available that depict the moral values of life. You need to select those books that will help you in building your child with good values. You can train him on how to live an honest life. How to secure himself.How to be trustworthy and many more. Just if you say about the morals they may not understand but if it is explained through a story they can easily understand it.

Bedtime stories – why are they important?