This smartly designed machine is built to meet all your cat needs. It can provide up to 4-5 meals that are healthy and delicious for you cat. But also, the number of portions can be kept as variable as such your cat can divide its meals as per need and eat accordingly. Better even, this smart pet feeder gives your cat or dog a lot more independence as well as freedom when it comes to meals as well giving you time for your tasks without feeling overworked.
Granting your cat some independence is a much-needed force to balance out the otherwise dependence of cats and other pets that their domestication enables which in the long run can be quite burdening and demanding for them. As a pet owner, the automatic cat feeder is an essential in building a harmonious relationship with your cat such that both parties’ needs are met with utmost care and love. While some may worry that this replaces cat-human interaction, we argue otherwise that it instead creates healthier cat-human interaction time by dealing with the basic jobs so you can maybe enjoy a walk in the park with your pet.

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