Sanding is an art in carpentry. While buying sander suitable for the job, one must think of various needs he has of that equipment and buy appropriately.
Guide to buy best Random Orbital sander-
1. Check the power type of the sander before buying. It can be used either cordless, corded or pneumatic. Compare the pros and cons.
2. Check the power of each item before buying as there is need for varying power for different tasks.
3. Orbit speed is the number of times disk orbits in a minute, this no should be known for understanding the average shelf life.
4. Speed knobs is needed to change the quality of sanding as per the surface.
5. Base plate/disc size should be as per the sander you need to buy.
6. Every sander has certain amount of vibrations or oscillations, buy the one that vibrates lesser.
7. Comfortable grip is must so it does not put strenuous press on wrists.
Now, let’s take a look on sander review of little light-weight equipment-

S. No. Palm sander Reviews-
Orbital sander Reviews
1. They are light-weight
They are heavier than palm sander

2. Works best for small pieces
Does not work for smaller areas

3. Will give smooth results
Get the bigger wood particles or any other materials done quickly

4. Affordable Can be little expensive.

Thus, if your goal is to smoothen smaller pieces then use Palm Sander, it is easy to use at home and not a very strenuous work. Examples of best palm sander are Ryobi palm sander, Dewalt Palm sander.

How is orbital sander better than palm sander?