What if you were not able to receive the quality of items you expect? Is there a chance for them to refund your money or the least replace the goods? You sure would not want to end up wasting money as the item you receive is far from what you thought you will get.

 Other products available

Yes, it is the CBD oil you are looking for but asking for other products they offer is also a good idea. You never know they have other products that you may need in the future. Also, sticking to a one stop shop for all your CBD needs is a good idea. It is not the more they offer the better in this case, as you still have to focus more on the quality of items they provide.

 After sales customer service

You have to ensure that their service is not only good while you are buying the supplies but also after purchase. Make sure that they have a customer service support team available to help you with your after sales concerns or issues if there are any.

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