No, blogging is for anyone, who is willing to share a part of their life, their art or any specialization which is unique to them. People specializing in cooking share their recipes, some people have an exquisite dance form or an incredible taste in music. There are also a lot of travel blogs; for people who would love to leave the worries away and go on a vacation. It is also an outstanding platform for writers, sharing their stories, or sports blog to help lead us to fitness.
Basically, anyone with magic in their body can start a blog. It acts like an anchor for the readers guiding them and imparting knowledge as their need.
Niche: Important?
Now, when you look at any website, or a simple written piece of material. It all needs to have a topic; a particular theme which makes it relevant for readers. Without a proper niche, a well-written piece is as useless as an embodied bag, without the amenities to satisfy a beggar. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a niche carefully.
Mostly people get stuck at this point. A blog is as good as your choice of niche. It can be really a trouble while starting on how or what to start it. Usually people go with topic which are shown to be extremely popular in the market. Hence, a popular blog with lot of views and popular, is directly proportional to money making. So, with this intention, people end up choosing wrong idea for their blog.
So, choosing a correct niche, with lot of correct information is useful for popular blog.

Why to advertise?