Fake accounts or fake ids are any forms of the identified that are altering and forged or otherwise the establishment to purports for identifying of a person. As an example, a person is creating a fake ID by taking of the photos of yourself and printing of the state of an imitationof the license of the driver's on the computer. Because the license of the state is must be issuing by the agency of government if your documents or IDs arenot legal and if fraudulent then there is a punishment for that type of person who is using fake ids or scannable ids for checking that is fake or real.
About Scannable ids
There are some of the people may thinking of the scanning of the license of the driver's is for the scan to ensuring that it is real or fake I’d or clarifying their age, it is actually pulling up all of the information which is stored on the license or on the card.
The card scanner of the I’d is turning on. When the Id card is swiping via the barcodes or stripes readers which is made with magnet for scanning of ids or scannedid.

How To Verify The Documents is Fake Or Original Or The Fake Ids?