Technology has taken a wide growth and has given many new inventions which help our day to day routine works. It has replaced many ancient accessories to digital gadgets. Quite several decades back there was no electricity. People were using, lanterns and lamps. As days passed, after the invention of electricity, there was no need for lamps. But during power shut down, we need a candle.
Nothing can replace
Although we have invertors and generator systems that are highly used during the time of power shut down, all of us will have a candle in our house. Whenever we lit a candle we get the nostalgic feel. Many memorable moments have taken place in our life which we can connect when we lit a candle.
A sentimental touch
Candles have a strong connect with our spiritual events. It is considered as positive energy which takes away the darkness in our life. That is why still people use candles during their prayer sessions. People use candles before the idols just to honor their gods. Not only in our prayer session even in funerals we can see candles which symbolically represent life after death. It shines the light for our next life. It gives us a calm mind and a great sense of peace.

How candles are connected to our souls?