The presence of license plate readers in the USA is no longer limited to the state and it is used by the police departments in their work when they want to find the owner of the car. Police have been tracking people’s cars using cameras which then capture the license plate number of every vehicle which passes by. It is a technology which can be described as mass surveillance.
It is possible as a private citizen to use the devices which are normally referred to as automatic license plate readers or ALPRs without being restricted to data collection laws by law enforcement.
With the ALPRs in the hands of the civilians, it allows for broad use of applications which include:
• School security
• Customer service.
There is a 3000% increase in the use of ALPRs
Since they have been geared towards state, local, and federal law enforcement use, there is an increase in its usage. They can be installed on streetlights, utility poles, in police cars, overpasses, within traffic cones and digital speed signs which shows how fast the driver has been driving. Once the plate of the vehicle has been photographed, and the time and date and location recorded, there is an algorithm which checks it against the database of the cars which are being looked for by the cops.
In a minute ALPRs are capable of capturing up to 2000 cars, traveling at a speed of 120 miles per hour. This can then be stored by the police and then used later to enable investigators to be able to zero down on the behavioral pattern and the whereabouts of a suspect.
Unlike the traditional ALPRs which consists of professional grade equipment priced beyond what most civilians and smaller police departments can afford, it is great that the new system relies on an off the shelf cameras for security.
Uses of ALPRs
• Schools can utilize this system to control the access of their campuses
• Hospitals can be able to use it to track visitors, staff, and patients.
• Casinos can be able to connect to the database of the law enforcement and thereby creating hotlines to be able to alert the law enforcers when criminals who are banned or are gambling addicts come onto their property
• It makes the lives of people better by availing the much-needed information through a license plate.

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