The most important thing is to ensure that the fake id you bought is accurate; you can also provide your real id to the person who is helping you with the fake id. The security checkpoints in most parts of the world are using the scanners these days; make sure that the id you bought is scan-able as well. Some important things to check on your id include the signature and the spelling of the name on the id.
The photo on the id
The photo on the ID matters the most, make sure that the fake ID you use has a photo which is believable. The guys at the entry points would focus on the photo on the id and your image whenever you are entering a place where kids are restricted. In short, it is important to take all important precautionary measures when you are using the fake ids.
There are many mobile applications out there that help you edit your IDs, but then you need to find a good printer for printing your id.

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