After being prescribed, a nurse will provide the vaccine to the patient. Throughout the process, the patient will be receiving a lot of support and advice from the staff in charge. The program you must follow consists of 12 steps, and you must constantly be in communication with your counsellor.
What is Vivitrol?
It is a medication that can only be administered under strict medical supervision those addicted to alcohol and other addictive substances. It is a more extensive version of the substance called Naltrexone. Its function is to prevent the relapse of patients to different addictive substances.
The administration of Vivitrol injection to patients has proven effective in reducing relapses in patients. For the treatment to be more effective, the patient must be completely clean of opioid medications.
Northpoint Recovery has the best providers that guarantee medication at the right time for the patient. Many patients who have received this treatment have finally felt liberated.
For most patients, giving up the addictive consumption of alcohol and other substances is very difficult, and thanks to this medication, they have been able to leave their addictions behind. Vivitrol is a very expensive substance, but with the help of Northpoint Recovery, you can receive it at no cost.
Obtaining a shot of Vivitrol can come out at no cost to patients. Just having insurance to cover it, the institution's staff will take over. To contact Northpoint Recovery, visit their website online and speak with the admission coordinators.

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