Founded in 1945, they have come along way in promoting safe design, construction, and installation as well as inspection of automotive equipment for the car. They also have something called the advanced driver Assistant which is to make the driver experience better and safer in terms of road accidents that take place in day to day basis. Relying on ADAS is not everything one should also make sure to follow OEM guidelines to avoid any possible future accidents. Liftnow asks its users to buy wheel balancer technology to improve the driver experience and help drivers in better control over their cars.
Team work
They have a team of dedicated sales staff who are hired and go through a long procedure of selection to be the best when it comes to selling the product. The company highly respects Community engagement and has launched its auto repair centres in most of the states of the US. Along with this for user convenience they also offer, they also offer continuous updates on their websites to make the procedure as comfortable and smooth as possible. Therefore, Liftnow works for the betterment of the community and road safety, therefore through their Automotive equipment distributors, they maintain a circle for the safety of their customers.

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