The benny cenac houma, Louisiana based entrepreneur who has a global reach, has done a lot of work as a philanthropist in the Gulf coastal region of the U.S. and also is an ardent supporter of coastal restoration. The third-generation owner of Cenac Marine Services, founded in 1927 as Cenac Towing Company, he has led the company since 1981. The company mainly focuses on transporting liquid petroleum barges and it has a client list from all over the country.
In addition to Cenac marine services, he is the owner of various other business enterprises located in the Gulf Coast region. He is an entrepreneur at heart and has a strong belief that a good local economy leads to a strong and good community.
The benny cenac towing entrepreneur has his eyes on shipbuilding too and has completed many towing vessels which are used for the transport of petrochemicals, refined products, and black oil. Under his strong leadership, the company will surely grow and evolve and place itself on the topmost level.
A lifelong resident of Louisiana, benny cenac continues to play an important role in the betterment of the community through his various business ventures and also protecting his hometown from the negative effects of coastal erosion. He has a strong bond with his community, friends, and family.

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