We can see high definition surveillance cameras in all stadiums which will be monitoring the show or the game continuously. People become very alert when they roam around the place which has CCTV cameras. Everything will be recorded and will act as a proof. One such higher-end surveillance camera can be seen in the dodger stadium which totally monitors the whole stadium.
Walkthrough metal detectors
Terrorists can mingle with the crowd and cannot be easily identified. So at the entrance itself, we can find advance metal detectors which never fails to find out the anonymous person who is having a weapon with him.
Highly skilled security personnel
The security personnel will be trained efficiently so that nothing can miss from their sight. They will first stand at the entrance of the stadium and will check each and everyone who enters the stadium. In the mid of the crowd also we can see them. They will be very concern about the security of the people. In case of emergency, they will guide the public to evacuate the place without hurting each other. Their role in the security of the stadium is very vital.

How far the stadiums are given protection?