Now the question that is to be considered is, are esports sports going to gain popularity or the whole concept of arranging the video games tournament will end; as the demand of a certain game – whose competitions are being held – comes to a halt? The good news for passionate gamers is that many video-game companies are launching new games every year.
These continuous launches prove that the future of the gaming world is bright, and the sun is not going to set on it anytime soon. However, players need to stay updated about the most recent games especially if they want to pursue a career in esports. This is because if a certain game that was being sponsored is no longer being included in the tournaments due to reduced viewership the players would have the option of joining teams of other games of the best esports that are currently in demand.
Which is the most liked esports?
Some esports games are long and the competition usually lasts for several hours while others are fast games that require you to have quick reflexes and immense practice. On the other hand, attractive features of the game or their resemblance to traditional sports also enhance their popularity.
• A new soccer technique is introduced by the gaming companies i.e. score a goal through fast rocket cars. These cars can fly around to make the goal and this particular game dominates a large viewership simply because of the unique concept behind it. The Rocket League championship is an official tournament that is held yearly and is a major esports event. The viewership peaks are extremely high for this game and the prize pool is estimated to be more than three hundred thousand dollars.

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