change controlIn pharmaceutical industries has a very important role since every change made during the process is reported using change control system then it is approved by the company or authority, and then the change is implemented accordingly,
For example:change in production, change in applications,change in equipment, and change in location.

Change controlIn Engineeringis most commonly applied to manage, change in any critical part of an equipment, change in entire equipment, facility and design layout
This is also employed in research field, quality control, quality assurance, information technology and cleaning procedures.
There are lot of pros to integrate Change Control in any of the major science and tech field like change control in project management,change control in pharmaceutical,change control in software engineering,
The benefits of change management allow you to:
1. Assess and understand the need and the impact of change.
2. Align resources within the business to support the change.
3. Manage the diverse cost of change.
4. Reduce the time needed to implement change.
5. Support staff and help them understand the change process.

To make the most of the benefits of change there will be many risks and challenges along the way to manage.

Why controlling change is necessary for every industry?