Exercise is very essential for our healthy life. We don’t get time to take care of ourselves. The everyday morning we should spend a minimum of 45 minutes exercising. This will stretch and relaxes all our muscles and mainly our spine muscles and we can protect it from getting affected.
Reevaluate your sitting posture
We don’t care much about our sitting posture. All we need is a chair to sit. But actually, we need to give more importance to our sitting postures as it mainly affects the backbone and will create more problems. Check whether your chair can hold your weight. Rest your back completely on the chair. And do not sit in the same place for more than 20 to 30 minutes. Then and there, you need to move and stretch.
Use proper pillow and mattress
We need to concentrate on the pillows that we use. if it so hard then the pain starts from the neck and it travels to the backbone. Also, the mattress should be a comfortable one. Else you may not get proper sleep and finally, you will end up with back pain.

How to take care of your spine?